Vmware loves to @$%& me.

I love Vmware. I simply love it. I have done fantastic things with this software, and made many a client’s day with a resounding “yes, I can do that”, or “sure, I have an idea of something that will work”, and Vmware is the cure.

I can imagine in the offices of Vmware when they decided to release vmware-server for free. They were high five’n, maybe sipping lattes with their pinky fingers out, who knows. I do know they probably had a picture of me on a dartboard, or my head pasted on some sort of porno scene, laughing as they came up with this sorted scenario: Let’s kill the beta software and force users to upgrade, effectively breaking our product during testing, that will really screw Doug good and hard. Thanks guys, you did, you screwed me until I spit qwerty.

Killing software that is “free” because it’s a beta, is well, dumb. If you want me to test your software for you, and help you proselytize to the unwashed about your software, do not !@#$ me in the ass. Do not kill the software while people are using it, or prevent machines from rebooting with a vague reference in one of many log files that mentions “license expiration”. Do not leave me standing there like Daffy Duck in a rigid stance with one finger in the air declaring how great your product is, when your clever bomb explodes leaving me a pile of dust with just my beak saying how ”disthpicable” you are. daffy1.gif

I run my business, and a lot of others, on free software. Never have I ever had to deal with the likes of this. If your reading this Vmware, let that sink in. You have actually created a NEW problem with free software. I didn’t think that was possible. You sat around and came up with a completely new !@#!@#- up situation that I could deal with. I know you told me in your LA that I clicked through that it would probably not be reliable, and a bunch of other legal stuff. You probably hid it in there somewhere that you would have the right to break it at anytime. The sad part is I know why you did it. You wanted to make sure people would be using your final release, and not the beta, I understand that. Well, I would have upgraded, on MY time. You brought production in offices to a complete stop. You made a lot of enemies that day. The first time I caught it, I couldn’t believe it. I upgraded before any production losses where felt. Then you did it to me AGAIN. I didn’t catch it the second time, we call it V-day. You just killed my Virtual Machines in mid stream, and wouldn’t let them reboot without installing new software. You forced me to install beta software over beta software, what the *&(*&(* are you doing?

I am sure that as time passes I will eventually forget transgressions, and let it all slip into the past. I mean your product is free, and I can deal with wonky stuff for free. It’s not like there is any one else giving away a Virtual Server product for free. I mean Vmware has nothing to worry about, no competition, like Xen, or Microsoft. These little mistakes couldn’t make me bitter enough to tell everyone I know about how evil this situation was. These little mistakes couldn’t make me switch to another FREE competitor. No, I still love you Vmware, for now.

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  1. Doug it’s not the free software or vmware that is the issue. It’s the fact that you are running production systems on Beta code. This one is on you.

  2. I guess you missed the point of the post. No matter, here it is in a nut shell. The code did not fail, they broke it on purpose. That is what made me mad. Really simple. If the software would have failed, I would be standing here with my hat in my hand saying “Yeah, I deserve it”. The fact is, I did not, and neither does any one else!
    Don’t let companies get away with breaking thier software on purpose. Its not good for anyone, including the end user.