1,000,000 channels and nothing on?

Browsing google video is kind of like trying to get a splinter out with mittens on. Only by pure accident did I discover how to find something to watch besides ‘lonely girl’ or ‘angry cats’, pfffft.

I can’t remember what the original search was, but the result turned out to be “Kiss meets the Phantom of The Park”. Wowza, I haven’t seen that in a while, and the kicker as to why it’s on video.google, well it’s Public Domain.

So that led me to try something, why not just search for public domain? Muhahaha.

Seems my search paid off, so far I have found:

Night of the Living Dead -need I say more.

The Last Man on Earth – I have been looking for this for quite some time. Its based on Richard Matherson’s classic that was later remade with Heston as The Omega Man, but this version stars Vincent Price, scary to be sure. It was made in Italy, so it’s a Spaghetti-horror I would assume, making it more obscure and almost impossible to rent or purchase.

Hercules – Staring Steve Reves, Dr Frankenfurter would be proud. The cool part about this is there is another link that costs $1.99, doh!

Godzilla – the original 1954 atomic age freak out by the Japanese, can you blame them?

And a ton of old cartoons, shorts, and more movies then you could watch in a weekend.

Still I can’t find Metropolis – fantastic film, and the basis for my cartoon Gerold and Robot Girl, so if you know where it is, drop me a line.

Bon Appétit!

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  1. For Metropolis by Fritz Lang- Go to You Tube & do the search for Metropolis 1927. It should be about the 3rd or 4th one down. Not sure if it is an unaltered version but should at least be most of the memories. See Ya.

  2. sorry left out a word- do the search for Metropolis movie 1927.