What were we thinking? Crazy forgotten body mods.

I stumbled across this little gem about weird body modifications in the past couple hundred years or so.

Actually it was a few, here is the quote:

– UTERUS AILMENT: The word hysteria is derived from Greek, meaning “wandering of the uterus.” In the 19th century, many people thought a malfunctioning uterus led to any number of symptoms, including pain, paralysis or amnesia. Sigmund Freud and other early psychologists considered these symptoms psychological.

– TEETH: At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a vogue for pulling out all of one’s teeth, “on the grounds that you could be suffering from autointoxication, from infected root canals.”

– COLON: Around the time of the first World War, there was a trend of removing much of the large colon “on the grounds that your feces were leaking out of your colon and poisoning the rest of your body.”


But it gets a little weirder. During the time of our founding fathers, there was a process called corseting. This body-mod is very extreme, and involved bounding the young men in such a fashion that their bones would develop into a certain posture, and a sloping figure. Sounds sexy. The article I got it from was Scientific American, so I decided to dig a little deeper.

Here is a little blurb about it from the article about GW:

“He was tough and sinewy, but not bulked out. His legs were thinner,

his ribs more pronounced,” says Schwartz. In addition, the fashion

of the time involved corseting young boys to produce sloping

shoulders and an arched back. Washington was corseted until the age

of five,and his body needs to reflect that.”


Wow, wacky. I though I was a student of history, but this is something I have never heard of.

I put this in there for all the people reading this 200 years from now. Yeah injections of swine flu are pretty weird. So are plastic boobs. But we like em. Notice we are not doing anything to young boys. When I say “we” I am not including congress. Keep digging people of the future, I am sure you’ll be more freaked out by us very soon.

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