SEOblackhat and you. How easy money adds are screwing our information connection.


In order to facilitate the coming together of two separate worlds, I decided to let the Black Hat, and the White Hat sides of my brain have a little dialog for you on this subject. Enjoy.


WHITE HAT: For crying out loud, enough is enough. I know you shoemoney-holics are salivating every time you take a gander at his fat check. It’s tempting, hell, even I have discussed the possibility, but I have been shutdown by my own morality. Oh and my wife. Same thing. For those of you reading this confused, well let me break it down, it’s a diagram of a scam..


It’s not quite a pyramid scheme, but it’s damn close. Add one part lazy ass, one part greed, and a dash of envy, and you have the business model for the next millennium.


Grab a bunch of keywords that you know people are looking for. Post them on a site, then deep-link those pages together. Register multiple domains and link those sites together to fool the search engines a little more. Hell, write a redirect for apache that gives the search engine a special page just for that spider that will boost your rank. Everybody’s doing it. Make sure your site is completely devoid of content and exists just for Google Adsense and other such services. Did I mention that some mental giants have wrote software to generate content that fools the search engines? That’s right, entire blogs of garbage, pages of code generated nonsense. Muck up the internet with spam, just to confuse and confound those that do not know any better. Great. Good job. Oh I almost forgot, post nonsense on blogs and other sites that allow you to link back to your url. Better yet, do it deceitfully, make it look like you really care. Something like “Great post, right on target”, or “I really agree, here’s my site”. Fantastic! If your good at it, you could create thousands of fake pages, hell maybe millions, and boost your Cialis and Viagra to the top baby. How much could you make? Millions, I would assume. Easy money that is screwing everyone else .


BLACK HAT: Your Rich Bitch!


WH: That’s the whole point. You might think that what you are doing is not hurting anybody, your just taking advantage of the situation. You are a new breed Internet entrepreneur, a marketer for the next generation. Your no different from any other flim-flam charlatan. Your the evil guy with the cape and the black pointy mustache that’s tying the fair maiden to the train tracks. Your screwing every single person that clicks on your garbage, and at the same time, significantly dumbing down the Internet.


BH: I sound like a jealous whinny little girl. Yes, yes I am.


WH: Oh, and what your doing will eventually be considered illegal. That too is only a matter of time. Although I dread legislation of any form, it will be nice to see a damper put on this flow of sewage that is now a torrent. Too bad Google is making so much money, or this crap would have ended long ago.


BH: Booo hoo, where’s my money, where’s *my* money?


WH: I wouldn’t mind so much if I wasn’t deleting six to ten spam attacks on my blog a day. Now I even have to install a VVC on my forum to prevent these !@#$@#$ bots from posting their spam.


BH: Wow, it takes so much to delete a post, der.

Christ I whine a lot. Maybe I should just move to the Cayman Islands, set up shop, and spam the hell out of you chuckle heads. You would like that wouldn’t you? When I roll past you at 110 in my new Bugatti Veyron doing some mystery powder off a playmate, high five’n Bob Guccione, blabbing on the phone to my accountant, well then you will know what decision I have made. Until then it’s back to the beer money I make at my day job. GPL my business, what was I thinking.







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