Thoughts, first impressions: 2142 Demo

It’s out! I played it last night, one map, 3am, wife pissed off. Here is what I thought.

In game server browser: Works! Much better guys. Your server selection code actually doesn’t lock my machine up solid. Sweet.

Load times: They still suck ass. After the start of the game, the shaders had to update. Yawn. After about 7 minutes the game started. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Individual map loads, I’ll check it out when I get the full version.

Game Play: If you are familiar with BF2, then initially you will think you know what the heck is going on. You won’t. Thats where it begins to dawn on you that nobody else does either. It is also telling that the tactics that you would expect to work actually do. If there is somebody after me, I duck behind a building, miracle of miracles, they can’t see me. Probably because the cheaters haven’t got up to speed, but it’s coming. Weird world when you don’t have rampant cheating. Play itself is fast, and the graphics seem to hold up, but the net-code is a little flaky. Lots of skips, jumps and pops of air vehicles. I will need a little more time to assess. The hover tanks remind me of drifting. Maybe we can put some rims and an N02 tank on that sucker, neon glow on the the bottom, right on!

Overall: Blue flashes for bullets? No machine gun on the tank? EMP grenades? I guess I’m just not used to to whole thing yet. I will break this into a couple of parts. My first impression, it’s like sitting on a fence post. Fun for a bit, but gets uncomfortable. I need to devote Sunday to the task. It’s got me wanting to play it a bit more, so thats a good sign. Hopefully EA will give me a reach around. Stay tuned…..

ed note: I did see a cheat for the beta, so I know you guys are out there. I wish you could see the rude gesture I am making in your direction.

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