So halo 3 is getting the buzz literally and figuratively as thousands of frat boys fall in line and kick it up a notch online.

I can’t say as I blame them, my brother happened to glance at the game in play while on an appointment and immediately began to drool as he watched the events unfold on a rather large flat screen .

I made a deal with my brother a while back, and the gist of it was the purchase of a large ticket item for him in the near future. Needless to say, he wanted an xbox 360, and of course, halo 3.

I did some research online, and figured I could purchase a couple of core systems and be online rather inexpensively, both of us owning the unsuspecting rather quickly. At one time we were devastation to egos personified in UT, I didn’t see the reason that halo should be any different.

After doing my research I was out and about, and spotted one of those chain game retail stores and decided to stop in and check my facts as it were. I wanted to make sure if I bought the core, I could later upgrade at will without any complications. Just to make sure, I think I needed to talk to a real hardcore gamer.

Unfortunetly, I talked to this other guy instead. It went down like this:

Me: Hi, I would like to buy 2 core systems, I was wondering if you can upgrade them no problem after you buy them?

ubergamer: You really don’t want to buy the 360, the xbox has peaked. Halo3 is it for the xbox, you want a ps3, much better system.

Me: uh, ok. Well what about the fact the ps3 has had abysmal sales? Isn’t that going to deter developers from making games for the system?

ug: No, no way, there are a lot of good FPSs coming out , like “blah” and “blah blah”.

Me: What about all the great games coming out in November? What about Bioshock?

ug: …..

Me: What about the fact the xbox360 outsold all other consoles.

ug AND his manager at the same time: no no! the xbox 360 got its ass kicked.

Me: Really, according the Wall Street Journal, sales data for September show the 360 in a clear lead that month, and over 300 million in sales for halo 3.

(Yes, I actually quoted the WSJ, I play the market, sue me)

ug AND his manager in unison : Yeah, but that’s because of halo 3.

Me:….. Hey thanks for all your, uh, help

I glanced for the sony rep behind the curtain before I left, but he must have been well hidden.

In retrospect I wonder how many other unsuspecting consumers have been consumed by either:

a> some ps3 fanboys overzealous sales pitch about a real non-contender

b>actually shady bonuses being paid to people at these shops that push the ps3

I can’t prove either one, I can say with all honesty that I probably looked like a guy who knew nothing about gaming, but in fact, I have been involved in the industry for quite some time. I have owned or played every console since the 2600 and I worked with SGI in developing the N64.

Oh, and I have been schooled by the industry. My sega saturn and dreamcast will be chains on my heart for a while.

Be careful and tell your not so savvy friends. They pray on ignorance and will sell you a ps3 when you least expect it.

I already have one in my family, thanks mom, long story but that’s for another post.

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