I am going to try and avoid a group of clever analogies here and just state my points nice and clear.

People are scared of change, they do not like to be wrong, and they tend to avoid conflict.

For the most part, we are creatures of habit. This is for good reason. Just like other animals, we seek the comfort of the known. It prevents nasty mishaps like getting eaten or squashed because we failed to recognize something not so nice, with large teeth.

Windows is well known.

Trying to get an office full of people to switch to an open source “alternative” to their application of choice is not something I look forward to.  I was naive in the past, and tried to slosh enough of my enthusiasm around to cover their apprehension . This merely allows the user a focal point for their animosity, instead of Openoffice, it’s now the systems administrator.

Sure I would love to have all Linux desktops, but this is the real world.

Putting Linux on a home users PC is tough for me as well.

Maybe it’s just me here, but, I tend not use use xwindows at all for Linux.  Linux is my “serving” environment, so its all coding and commandline madness. So far, none of the ways I use Linux require me to have a desktop,  so I just don’t bother. Sure I have some full blown installations, but, I don’t use them everyday, why would I? Probably the same mentality that would keep me from ever running a Windows webserver. A…Windows..Server, wow crazy.

Dropping Windows from my life doesn’t make much sense either. Imagine the hilarity if I had to try and fix user issues with windows, with a complete lack of skill in the environment. Windows has its place, as does Linux. Windows is for users, Linux is for admins. I didn’t make the mess, I just deal with it.

So in a nuttshell, Linux and Windows both have thier place in my life, for better or for worse. Both have thier strengths, and picking one over the other is not something that seems feesable.

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