Alright I am back!

Where did I go? Good question.  I know it’s been a few years since my last post. I probably have no readers left /sniff, but I am ready to make a go of it once again!

I have a new job, and a new life. I am now a Unified Communications Engineer, Cisco Centric and ready to kick some enterprise level ass.

Don’t worry though, I have not forgotten my Opensource roots. My years of Linux hacking and Windows mashing have served me well. I have done done some pretty impressive installs with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and all that that entails. I have some pretty good skills when it comes to route/switch and load balancing, yup I am F5 certified as well. Hey but don’t worry, I still use Asterisk at home, and I have even used Asterisk as an SBE with CUCM, so all is good.

I work for one of the largest Cisco partners in the world now, and I enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Well, not so much, but I do enjoy all the toys I get to play with!

On a personal front, I have a little boy. He is awesome of course like his dad. I have another one ready to download any day now, so my life should get x2 times more interesting shortly.

I hope to have enough time to keep dropping the science (RIP MCA), stay tuned for more!


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