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Utilizing Windows XP pro for our base system is a no brainier.

The compatibility and familiarity from the user end is a necessity. So we start with Windows Xp pro. Windows Xp Pro allows us to connect to a Domain and store user settings as profiles. These profiles are a storage area that follows your users to each machine they might use throughout the day.

Applications for your business are loaded on each client, as well as configurations to each client to maximize the interface for your particular endeavor. We then secure the client using our security methods, this prevents the normal user account from modifying data on the physical machine. Once complete an image is created for distribution and is installed via a method known as PXE to all the clients on the network.

If a new machine is added, or one needs to be replaced, the image will be pushed down to the awaiting client after it is hooked to the network and configured for PXE boot. This client environment provides a stable solution by creating systems that do not change, but user data that does.