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The philosophy of a rock solid environment owes much to the single storage location, the server.

We start with a base Debian installation and add an enterprise Virtualization package, Vmware. This allows us to move each of the servers services into compartmentalized machines running for a specific purpose. Instead of a web server, and a email server, you have seperate machines running on one single piece of hardware. With this configuration we can create a firewall that limits the conectivity between these machines, and allows for complete control of the type of data that is moving between them. Virtualized machines means information can be passed between elements of your business, from web server to database, with little to no overhead utilization on your physical network. Now thats effiency!

To interface with the Windows XP clients, we use Samba, running on a VM. This software emulates a Windows server and allows for greater stability and tighter control. By centralizing all the data that you use everyday, we can easily backup data and move it to a safe place. By using incremental backups you are assured that data you want to recover is always just a call away, nothing is ever overwritten or lost. Centralized data also means being able to access your data from any computer in your office, not to mention remotely from home using your VPN that comes standard with a mimicIT installation. Locked down clients and central data location and management are key to a network with zero downtime and 100% usability.

One more benefit? All of this software is opensource, which means no licensing fees for you, or your business.